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Fragrant Glow

Sarcasm Candle

Sarcasm Candle

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***language warning***

Sometimes we need the candle to do the talking, these candles are intended to be light hearted and to put a smile on the recipients face, but lets be honest, who hasn't got a list of pre planned excuses šŸ™Š

Available labels:

  • The last fuck I gave (oh look its on fire)
  • I'm fine (smells like someone is being passive aggressive)
  • We've got visitors (smells like I cleaned)
  • Social Anxiety (Smells like a list of pre planned excuses)
  • Karma (smells like hahahahahaha)
  • Resting Bitch Face (smells like if my mouth doesn't say it, my face certainly will)
  • The Cool Aunty (smells like wine and inappropriate conversations)
  • Mum is out of service when lit (smells like go and ask your Dad)
These are beautiful soy candles with a burn time of 40+ hours


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