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Fragrant Glow

Green Pear & Guava - Amber Glass Soy Candle

Green Pear & Guava - Amber Glass Soy Candle

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Introducing our Amber Glow Soy Candle. Elevate your space with warmth and tranquility! 🕯️✨ Crafted from eco-friendly soy wax and housed in a chic amber glass jar, this candle offers over 40 hours of pure relaxation. Whether unwinding solo or setting the mood for a special occasion, let its gentle glow and enchanting scent transform any moment into a cozy retreat.  All of our candles come beautifully packaged in a labelled box. 

"Green Pear and Guava" encapsulates the essence of a lush orchard on a sunlit day. This vibrant fragrance intertwines the crisp, refreshing aroma of ripe green pear and tangy guava with the zesty zest of blood orange and fresh lemon. As it develops, the heart reveals delicate nuances of blackcurrant bud and red berries, adding depth and complexity. The fragrance culminates in a warm, inviting embrace of brown sugar and caramel, leaving a sweet and comforting trail that lingers on the skin.


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