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Limoncello - Car Diffuser - Skull

Limoncello - Car Diffuser - Skull

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Introducing our innovative car diffuser, designed to elevate your driving experience with effortless style and refreshing scents. Crafted in a sleek glass skull jar, our car diffuser adds a touch of elegance to any vehicle interior. Enjoy the continuous release of your favorite fragrance as you navigate the road ahead. Will last approximately 6 weeks, depending on conditions.

Experience the vibrant essence of Limoncello, where the zesty top notes of lemon peel and bergamot dance together, creating a refreshing burst of citrus. Delve deeper into the fragrance to discover the delicate middle notes of lilac intertwined with the sweetness of sugar cane, evoking images of blooming gardens. As the scent settles, a subtle sugary-sweet base note emerges, accented by hints of ginger, lending a warm and spicy undertone. Finally, the fragrance concludes with a fresh and verdant finish, reminiscent of lush greenery

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