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Bath Bomb - Coke Bottle Lollies

Bath Bomb - Coke Bottle Lollies

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Dive into luxury with our Bath Bombs! These fizzy delight's are perfect for kids and adults alike, turning your bath into an indulgent treat thanks to skin-loving ingredients like Shea butter, and kaolin clay. But the real treat? Inside, colorful embeds burst out, adding a pop of fun to your soak. It's like a party in your tub! So go ahead, indulge and let the stress melt away.

All Round Bath Bombs are packaged beautifully in clear boxes, tied with ribbon. 

Fragrance Description:

Coke Bottles Lollies:

"Indulge in the nostalgia of childhood with 'Coke Bottle Lollies' fragrance. Like the iconic candy, it's a fizzy blend of zesty Lemon Lime, spiced up with Nutmeg and Clove. The creamy Vanilla and Cinnamon base perfectly captures the essence of those beloved cola-flavored treats."

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