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Bath Bomb - Champagne & Strawberries

Bath Bomb - Champagne & Strawberries

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Dive into luxury with our Bath Bombs! These fizzy delight's are perfect for kids and adults alike, turning your bath into an indulgent treat thanks to skin-loving ingredients like Shea butter, and kaolin clay. But the real treat? Inside, colorful embeds burst out, adding a pop of fun to your soak. It's like a party in your tub! So go ahead, indulge and let the stress melt away.

All Round Bath Bombs are packaged beautifully in clear boxes, tied with ribbon. 

Fragrance Description:

Champagne and Strawberries" offers a unique blend of ripe strawberries and raspberries, complemented by the effervescence of champagne and the delicate aroma of roses. The fragrance opens with fresh raspberry leaf and green notes, evoking the lushness of a berry patch. In the middle, the sparkling essence of champagne intertwines with romantic red rose and sweet strawberry, creating an enchanting bouquet of scents. Finally, the base notes of vanilla bean and hyacinth add depth and sophistication, leaving a lingering trail of elegance

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