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Shower Steamers - Four Pack

Shower Steamers - Four Pack

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Introducing our heavenly collection of shower steamers , in a convenient 4 pack,  a blissful fusion of aromatherapy and luxury. Immerse yourself in tranquility, with 4 different scents available there is something for every occasion including:

  • Calm - Lavender, Lemon and Orange Essential Oils to promote a feeling of well being and calm on those stressful days
  • Rise & Shine - Lime, Orange and Lemon Essential Oils to wake you up and get your day started on a positive note.
  • Breathe Easy - Blue Gum Eucalyptus Essential Oil to soothe sinuses and ease stuffy heads when those bugs hit.
  • Goodnight - Lavender Essential Oil to wind down and ease you into a restful sleep. 

Each steamer is meticulously crafted with menthol crystals to enhance the aromatic experience and help carry the scent.

Elevate your shower routine and indulge in the ultimate self-care with our exquisite range of shower steamers.

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For use in the shower only

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