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Fragrant Glow

Potion Kit - Emotion Potions

Potion Kit - Emotion Potions

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Potion Kit

✨ Introducing Fragrant Glow’s Potion Kits for Young Wizards and Witches: Brew Magic, Spark Imagination! ✨

 Are you ready to unlock the enchanting world of potions, spells, and magical concoctions? Our Enchanted Potion Kit is perfect for young aspiring wizards and witches, designed to spark your imagination and brew up a whole lot of fun.

 🔮Gratitude Potion Kit:

Brew a cup of gratitude and explore the magical world of appreciation with our Gratitude Potion Kit. Fizzy reactions, and sparkles await! With ingredients like Pixie Dust, Mermaid Scales, and ocean waves, you'll create a potion that'll make you smile from ear to ear.

 🔮Kindness Potion Kit:

Spread kindness like confetti! Our Kindness Potion Kit is all about making the world a better place with your magical touch. Using Pixie Dust, Unicorn Hair, and a dash of kindness-infused moon flower, you'll whip up an elixir that radiates positivity and warmth.

 🔮Bravery Potion Kit:

Ready for an adventure? The Bravery Potion Kit is your ticket to a world of courage and daring. Combine Star Dust, Dragons Breath, and the empowering essence of Enchanted Elm Sap to create a potion that will make you feel as brave as a knight in shining armor!

 🔮Emotion Potion Kit

Can't decide which magic to brew? No problem! Our Emotion Potion Kit includes all three enchanting options. It's the ultimate magical journey, with every ingredient from the other Potion Kits, all in this one kit. You'll have a potion for every mood and occasion!

 Every Enchanted Potion Kit for Young Wizards and Witches includes:

  •  All the ingredients you need for that touch of magic.
  • A set of potion cards with easy-to-follow recipes, so you can brew your very own concoctions.
  • The freedom to invent your own spells and magical brews - your creativity knows no bounds!

 Unleash your inner sorcerer, share the enchantment with your friends, or create magical moments with your family. Get your Enchanted Potion Kit for Young Wizards and Witches today and embark on a fantastical journey of potions and wonder. Let your imagination run wild!


All you will need to supply is bowls and/or containers to mix your potions in.

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