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Hidden Message Candle

Hidden Message Candle

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Introducing our Hidden Message Candle, the perfect blend of charm, personalization, and a dash of playful mystery. Encased in a cute, white tin, this soy candle doesn't just fill your space with delightful fragrance—it holds a cheeky little secret, chosen by you!

As the candle burns down, your custom message begins to peek through the creamy soy wax. Whether it's a sweet note, an inside joke, or something a bit cheeky, your hidden message is sure to surprise and delight. Simply choose the letters to create a unique message that will be revealed as the candle melts.

Once the candle has burned to the edge and your message is fully visible, blow out the candle and use the supplied tweezers to carefully lift out the letters. But the fun doesn't stop there! You'll also get some elastic to turn your secret message into a one-of-a-kind bracelet, or you can choose to display the letters however you like. Full instructions are included to make the process a breeze. After retrieving your message, the candle is ready to be burned as normal, continuing to enchant your space with its lovely scent.

Perfect for special occasions, cheeky surprises, or just to add a playful touch to someone's day, our Hidden Message Candle is a beautiful and fun way to light up any moment.

Write the message you want hidden in your candle in the message box on this page, with a maximum of 4 words.

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