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Fragrant Glow

“Cleopatra” Bath Bomb

“Cleopatra” Bath Bomb

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Turn bath time into a spa escape with our Cleopatra Bath Bomb! It's packed with milk powder for silky skin and Epsom salts for relaxation. Real rose petals and a hint of black raspberry make it pure bliss. Perfect for self-care or gifting. Elevate your bath game today! 🛁✨


Key Features and Benefits:

  1. Milk Powder Bliss:  enriched with milk powder, known for its skin-softening properties. It will leave your skin feeling silky smooth and moisturized.

  2. Epsom Salts: : they have long been celebrated for their therapeutic benefits. They help relax tired muscles, soothe aches, and promote overall well-being.

  3. Romantic Rose Petals: Each bath bomb is adorned with real rose petals that disperse gracefully in your bathwater, creating a romantic and luxurious atmosphere.

  4. Ultimate Self-Care: Treat yourself or a loved one to the ultimate self-care experience. Cleopatra Bath Bomb is perfect for unwinding after a long day, celebrating special occasions, or simply pampering yourself.

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