Our Story

Fragrant Glow’s journey began with a personal struggle, as I, Nicola, faced the nightmare of Post Natal Depression and Anxiety. To cope and find solace, I started creating these products. What began as a personal endeavor has now blossomed into a thriving business, dedicated to providing comfort and moments of self-care to others.

Our mission is to offer handcrafted, high-quality products that not only illuminate homes with a warm and fragrant glow but also nurture the spirit. We are committed to crafting each candle and bath product with love, care, and the finest ingredients. By doing so, we aim to bring moments of relaxation, joy, and serenity into the lives of our customers.

Fragrant Glow stands as a symbol of resilience, hope, and the belief that small acts of self-care can make a significant impact. We're here to brighten your days and your spirits, one candle and bath at a time. Welcome to Fragrant Glow, where every product is a piece of our story and a source of comfort for your journey."